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Why work with E.B. Morris

Experience and Expertise

Our firm brings a solid history of successful completion of a broad range of projects and reputation for accountability to our client that is unequaled in the industry. We encourage our client’s active participation in the process from the conceptual phase through project completion to ensure the desired results. Actively listening to clients, speaking directly to the issues and undertaking complex building challenges to arrive at quality, cost effective solutions is where we excel.

With more than three decades of working and managing all phases of projects that fall under the “construction” umbrella, EB Morris, has developed a team of skilled artisans and other professionals who excel in their fields, and employ both simple and cutting edge technologies to efficiently achieve the desired results.

Whether new construction from the ground up or complete renovations from the top down, we create a custom program for each project based on its unique qualities and employ a sensible management style to make it happen.

Inspired and responsible

EB Morris can take the seed of an idea and turn it into a tangible reality calling upon their network of expert professionals to design and execute all aspects of the project with the knowledge, focus, ability, equipment and dedication to doing the work responsibly.

Enthusiastic and dedicated

EB Morris leads with a passion to doing things well—we approach each project with energy and enthusiasm.


We do what we say we will do and we will do it on time and within budget. We really do enjoy what we do. We go above and beyond to earn the trust of our clients through the quality of services we provide.

Customer Opinions

Tim Whitehurst

Installations Project Mgr
HD Supply

Eric and his staff are highly professional and I trust them to provide the level of attention to the projects they are hired to complete. They have the breadth of technical knowledge and depth of integrity that I expect from a well run construction contracting company. I am very pleased with the results of our projects contracted with E. B. Morris General Contractors.

Lois Fiorelli

Training & Development
Human Resources Mgt

I hired Eric's construction company, E.B. Morris
General Contractors, Inc. to complete work on
an insurance claim in June 2010 after firing the
original contractor.

Eric did a thorough analysis of the damage to
my home (which was caused when someone's
car ran through my garage), worked with
Allstate on my behalf to renegotiate the insur-
ance payment, and took care of every detail
involving the work.

I was impressed with Eric's integrity and the
professionalism of his company's workers from
conception to completion. When an auto-
mobile hit my home again less than a year
later, I immediately called Eric and once again,
he worked with the insurance company on my
behalf and got the job done.

Marzena M.

"Dear Eric,

As I was taking a stroll today through my
beautiful home, I thought that I owe you
an enormous THANK YOU. Every arch,
every niche, ...every step, is just the way
I imagined it, and it would have never turned
out this way without your team. I am so grate-
ful for all the patience and care you have
shown me during this long stressful process.
Everything happened just like you predicted
it would. Your timeline, your presentation, even
your realistic budget, were all on point. It is so
nice to look back and have no regrets. Both
my husband and I, know that our first decision
to hire your company, was the best decision
we could have made. Thank you."

Lois R.


This is a love letter. I'm having trouble finding
adjectives big enough to praise the work the
people of E.B.Morris have done for me.

The project manager was on top of the job
every day. The carpenters and crew worked
their wonders with skill and good humor keep-
ing debris to a minimum. The stucco artist
gave the house a beautiful exterior.

The cleanup was so thorough, one would never
know they were here.

How did I chose E.B.Morrs? The project mana-
ger presented me with an estimate describing
in complete detail what the job would entail.
That impressed me. Being cautious at first, I
asked for an estimate for only one portion of
the job and one for the whole job. When I saw
the workmanship, I went for the whole job.

Am I overpowering you with my praise?Good!

Jim M..


The kitchen ceiling looks great! You have ass-
embled an outstanding team of skilled crafts-
men - from the project manager to the painters,
drywall folks and demolition team, they are all
very professional and do an excellent job. We
were already very pleased with the bathroom
remodel and even more pleased with the

The project manager was a perfectionist and
very amiable - a pleasure to work with. This job
had a short life cycle - start to finish about ten

We asked and the project manager responded.


I wanted to write you separately from my final
bill payment, to personally thank you and your
company for the professional way in which you
handled my recent insurance claim repairs.

The Project Manager was excellent to work
with. He was empathetic to my needs,
courteous, and always returned my calls in
a timely manner.

I found your team easy to work with, which
decreased my stress levels. I would not
hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone.
Good Customer Service, Good Product,
Nice People, may god bless you and your
family and prosper your business.

Lois F.